New Apparatus

Precision Fire Apparatus is a highly customized builder of new fire apparatus. Because we are smaller in size this allows us to build a truck that meets the exact needs of our customer, for a little more than a cookie cutter truck would cost from a large manufacturer.

We have taken many ideas from our customers and developed new types of trucks that meet the needs of their respective departments. Many times these specialized units will work in other locations, with just minor changes. From rear mounted pumps, rear engine chassis, all wheel drive rescues, and medical pumpers, we have done a wide range of units. Please give us a call, and we will help you take your idea from concept to reality.

Our families and our country count on dependable fire service for our safety. Our goal is to provide the best service after the sale in the industry. Even though we do not build our own chassis, we believe in one source warranty. Our customers know that if they have a problem with any part of the truck, they are to call us first. We will schedule, troubleshoot, or repair the problem, and it doesn’t matter what chassis it is. It is our belief that since you purchased the truck from us, we will take care of the problem.

Precision Fire Apparatus will do our best to build a unit that will fit your budget. However, we do not cut corners in quality or material used. Many manufacturers offer less expensive materials or thinner components to cheapen the cost of a truck. This is only a way to shorten the truck’s life span. We offer only heavy duty 3/16″ aluminum extruded bodies or premium 12 gauge stainless steel bodies. Our electrical systems are state of the art and our plumbing is all 304 schedule 40 piping. If you want to save some money there are other ways, but do not cut back on the quality of structural components that make up the body, electrical, or plumbing systems of the truck.

Please contact us to help you write a set of specifications that anyone can build to if they will build you a truck of the quality and dependability that your fire department deserves. Click here to see some of our recent deliveries.